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There are many problems in Giddalur Region. Some of these problems can be easily solved or can be impossible to solve depending how bad it is. Most of the people think these problems should be solved by the government. But we can also solve these problems if we get together. Not all the problems, but some of that can be solved. Some of the problems in Giddalur region today are: illiteracy, unemployment, poor infrastructure and poor health conditions.


The functional literacy level is very low and educational opportunity is less than favorable in Giddalur region. The government has appointed a teacher to each village, but the supplies and resources available limit the teachers’ effectiveness. The school buildings are typically one room, do not include a bathroom, have no running water, and lack of general school supplies. During class, the children sit on the dusty ground in an overcrowded schoolroom. In several villages, the roof leaks during the monsoon, and the room is too hot during the summer to sit inside. In some villages the children who want to, continue their education have to walk two to three kilometers to the nearest village to attend school, but few make this journey.


Various problems have caused the unemployment in Giddalur region. There are individual factors like age, vocational unfitness and physical disabilities which restrict the people. External factors include technological and economic factors. Unemployment has led to several socio-economic problems like poverty, malnutrition, antisocial and criminal activities, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.

Poor Infrastructure:

The villages in Giddalur region are having a range of sanitation problems: some villages have no toilets, while others have a few government-built public toilets. The villages with toilets are no better off than the villages without, since the majority of toilets do not work and the villagers are not comfortable using them. The main problem is the lack of experience with operating and maintaining the toilets. Given the social emphasis on privacy and seclusion of women, access to proper sanitation facilities is a special concern for women and girls. Most of the villages doesn’t have proper facilities to dispose the garbage/solid waste. Most of the villages are with no roads or roads with potholes and are mainly broken bituminous.

Poor Health Conditions:

The people in the most of the villages in Giddalur region are facing a lot of water borne diseases as well as diseases due to malnutrition. The people in the village do not have access to affordable health care. In theory, the PHC (Primary health care) is there to serve the health needs of the rural population. Most villages do not have adequate access to a PHC due to the distance and lack of transportation. And the PHCs are exist with lack of proper facilities to treat the patients. Instead of availing proper scientific medical treatment these people adopted traditional superstition based treatment to cure these diseases.

How can we make a difference? 

Better Education: 

  • To develop positive attitude towards national integration and social work in the children.
  • To work towards development of physical and mental development of the children.
  • To adopt the Government schools to improve the infrastructure in the school.
  • To fund the school children to buy the school supplies.
  • To develop computer education in the Government schools of the region.
  • Identify the bright students in the government schools and fund them to study for higher studies.
  • To provide the transportation to poor children to avoid to walk a long distance to reach the schools.
  • To help the bonded child labor in the area to pay off their debts and make them to go to schools
  • To fund for yoga and meditation classes for youth.
  • To provide a facilities to the youth to develop their sports and cultural activities.


  • To provide employment opportunities to the poor people.
  • To make a list of educated unemployed people in the village and find vacancies about various job opportunities and inform the youth about these vacancies.
  • To fund the people to take training to get the government jobs
  • To provide the vocational training in stitching and handiwork training for women
  • To fund the poor women to buy stitching machines.
  • To give guidance to people to choose an occupation and help in marketing of there local produce.
  • To promote dairy units in the area and make efforts to develop pasture land in the region.
  • To help people to undertake poultry and bricks making.

 General Civic Improvements:

  •  To fund for the sanitation improvements in the village
  • To fund the villagers to construct their own toilets.
  • Provide the funding to supply the drinking water to the village.
  • To fund the people to eradicate the mosquitoes in the village.
  • To build and maintain the public urinals and bus shelters in the village.
  • Provide funding to cut down the useless vegetation and trim the unwanted trees
  • To plant the Trees on Road side
  • Provide funding for the roadway improvements.
  • Provide funding to distribute Saris, bed sheets and chapels to old age people in the village
  • To help people in realizing their dream of having a clean and good house

 Better Health: 

  • To fund the poor people to buy health insurance for higher end medical treatment.
  • To help the poor people in their medical emergency situation.
  • Provide Ambulance service to the people in village
  • To fund for medical expenses for old people
  • Provide the funding to reduce maternal mortality and infant mortality rate in the village
  • Organize the medical, eye and dental camps in the village.
  • Regular health checkups for the children who are studying in the government schools
  • Organize blood donations in the village
  • Provide the funding to improve the facilities and services in primary healthcares.

Through matching grant program, GREEN RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY, GIDDALUR will contribute 10% of total cost of the project when any individual performs the qualified employment service project in Giddalur region.



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